Spirit Box & Direct Radio Voice sessions & How We Record Sessions

Hello to all! Hope everyone is having a GREAT day! Today I am uploading a new video that has snippets from a couple of 5 minute sessions I did at home using my Andys box, a Radio shack hacked model and some Direct Radio Voice responses using my old 1950's Tube radio.

If you do not know what a spirit box is take a look at the very 1st video on my channel for some of our best sessions. Also, check our best of 2012 video for my fave spirit response clips of 2012.

Enjoy, feel free to comment below but if you are one of the sad individuals on your mission to attack me, Don't bother as it will not show up so you are wasting your time, as usual.

Thanks to all! Remember there are LOADS of videos on my channel so be sure to take a look and subscribe if you want to see the new stuff as it is uploaded every week.
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