Spirit rescue work - House clearance & cleansing, - Communication with ET Council of 12 - PAE 37

Impressions of a spirit of an old gentleman, strange problems with technology, and a lady with emerging psychic abilities, this case from back in 2016 was proving quite interesting, but the best it seems was still to come, I am Jared from Paranormal Now, and Join us as we continue our investigation.
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The investigation was becoming more intense, as technical equipment started failing, spirits were making their presence known, at least to us, if not on Camera, as you can see in the footage on screen now, but this investigation offered something deeper, something when editing this video would blow our socks off as it would change the game of our ongoing Investigation into the Council of 12.
This case took place back in September of 2016, well before, we started using Apps and other such devices for communication, with the exception of the Ghost box of course.
It was becoming clear that electromagnetic energy was playing a role in causing the activity, but where was it coming from? Regular viewers of the channel may remember several cases where this has been highlighted in past videos, but on the surface, this did not appear to be the same thing.
As Martin went to check outside to a nearby Wifi Hotspot, to see if this was the cause, myself Hugh and B conducted a ghost box session in the bedroom, Richard would continue monitoring from the camera downstairs. Take some time to really listen to these responses, as some are not as clear as others and let us know what you think.
This message blew our minds, though we had suspected communication with the Council of 12 prior to our NOW INVESTIGATIONS LIVE STREAMS we had no evidence of it until now. This footage was taken back in 2016, so take a look at some of our previous videos and you can see the content of the messages we have had from them is very similar to this one, and if this was not enough, the message says that we will have experiences we will never forget, nine months after this session, we started our live experiments, and what we have had through them, is something we most definitely will never forget.
Another interesting point was the word Whitsun, it was one week before the 2017 Whitsun holidays that we started our live streams, and the date we were given in our sixth broadcast is around Whitsun 2018, an observation made in our documentary UFO’s and the Bible code. Could the Council of 12 be illuding to something already now past, or still yet to come, time of course will tell.
We had come to the conclusion that the energy in the house may be a recording or residual energy from a past event or person that may have lived on or near the land. This was because there was no clear communication coming from the spirits we were picking up on. So we decided to perform a cleansing to clear the house of these energies and hopefully clear the space so that B could have a peaceful night’s rest.
This particular clearing is done with sound, created by a singing bowl. A singing bowl allows for high vibrational or high frequency energy to enter a space whilst directing any negative energy out of the area, prayers, affirmations and other such spiritual techniques are also used.
The one amazing thing that you find when you really explore the Paranormal is that no two cases are the same, this case was interesting for many reasons, how the spirit activity was largely focused on one area of the house, how the technology became corrupted or damaged during the investigation, and the message we received much earlier than we originally thought.
We had come to the conclusion that a Samsung Galaxy S3 was causing the strange EMF field that we were observing, this fact was validated later the same evening, but what is interesting to note is that this phone had been used on around 5 prior investigations with no issues, and you can clearly see in part one that the phone is in close proximity to the K2 in Part 1 with no signal. This does not mean that the cause of the signal is Paranormal but it is strange, that three devices malfunctioned during this investigations and have not worked properly since. Shortly after the phone became unusable.
As for the house and B, the clearing worked, and no further spirit activity was reported in the house during the middle of the night, although B continued to have a personal connection with spirit to some capacity. I am Jared from Paranormal Now and thank you for joining me on this investigation. Please feel free to like comment and subscribe – we will see you very soon for another Paranormal Investigation.
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