"The Devil Is Coming" - Evil SCD-1 Session - Huff Paranormal

"The Devil Is Coming" - Evil SCD-1 Session - Huff Paranormal

SCD-1 INFO: http://huffparanormal.com/scd-1/the-scd-1-qa-tips-tricks-and-intro-video/

SCD-1 DOWNLOAD: http://ghosthunterapps.com/huff-scd1.html

This is rare, but it happens. On occasion, during ITC sessions we may get some low level entities harassing us or trying to scare us. Usually, they know I do not fear them nor deal with their nonsense, so 98% of my sessions are all filled with love, peace and light. Sometimes, I do get evil messages and last night it was probably the creepiest it has ever been due to the clarity that the SCD-1 is able to achieve with spirit messages.

When something like this comes in, I make sure to let them know they DO NOT scare me nor do they have power over me. I also ask for the white light and protection. So if you are doing a session with ANY device and get evil messages, NEVER fear them. THAT is what THEY want! The only danger in doing SPirit work is if you FEAR IT. If you fear it AVOID this work at all costs as your own brain will do mental damage to YOU as you will believe demons are after you.

BUt this video has some amazing captures in it. Not all are evil. some are normal. But wow, there has NEVER been ANY device that does what the SCD-1 is doing. EVER. It's an amazing tool but only for responsible researchers..please.
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