The Sprits Speak Clearly - Group Session #5 - Huff Paranormal

The Sprits Speak Clearly - Group Session #5 - Huff Paranormal


Here is the video from the Huff Paranormal Group Session #5 recorded May 24th, 2014 at 10PM. I recorded about 25-30 minutes of RAW footage and this is what came through.

If you are not familiar with my group sessions, anyone from anywhere in the world can join in FOR FREE. Yes, 100% FREE. All you have to do is follow some simple rules like meditation on the day of the session and to be serious.

To see full details look at the event tab on the Huff Paranormal facebook page:

Over 62,000 like minded people are there and you can share your stories, pictures and information. I also post extra bonus videos there from time to time not available on YouTube.

This is all experimental and all in the beginning stages of what may turn out to be something very special. Imagine getting a message from the beyond just for you that is recorded in real time - AUDIBLE EVIDENCE.

This is what we are trying to accomplish and we have had MANY hits in past sessions.

Everything you see in my videos is always 100% REAL - 100% HONEST and 100% NOT FAKED in any way, shape or form. I make NO MONEY from doing this, in fact, I spend thousands each year to be able to do it even while working my actual business 60 hours per week.

I do this because it is REAL and FASCINATING and many times people do get healing from this even though, as i said, I offer no guarantees that anything will come through and even if it does, no guarantees that it is who you think it is..because NONE OF US know these things.
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