Top 10 SCARY Videos of Creepy Ghost Stuff to SCARE You TONIGHT!

Top 10 SCARY Videos of Creepy Ghost Stuff to SCARE You TONIGHT!

These scary videos on this top 10 list analyze scary stuff like “real” ghost sightings in the scariest places on earth, the best EVP recordings, and other strange things caught on camera to scare you into having a frightened nightmare tonight. These creepy video clips are from the weird side of YouTube and have weird stuff from scary channels exploring scary ghost things like shadow people haunting houses, haunted hotel video footage, haunting video of a ghost caught on a livestream investigation at an abandoned church building, spooky ghost EVPs and other scary moments caught on camera during television news broadcast, exploring haunted tunnels for ghost sightings, and other weird things caught on video that too scary to describe on YouTube. Creepy stuff indeed!

10) SSPS Sixth Senses Paranormal Society: ("1 February 2018")
9) B M: ("Poltergeist moves stool, Salem Cemetery, Ajax - Ghost Explorations")
8) 93.1 KISS El Paso: ("Ghost at Austin High School")
7) WCVB Channel 5 Boston: ("Old North Church crypt and ghost story")
6) Urban Vanlife: ("PARANORMAL Activity at Newsham Park Asylum")
5) Looter8 Treasure Hunter: ("Haunted Screaming Tunnel Niagara Falls")
4) Ghost Debunking: ("Sensabaugh tunnel. Haunted??")
3) Shadow Hunters Paranormal Investigation and Events: ("The Old Shack")
2) Blondewithscaryhouse: ("Closet light turns ON then mysterious figure seen leaving room!!!! (Caught on camera)")
1) BigSalParanormal: ("Strong Poltergeist Moves Foot in Haunted Hotel Gettysburg, Pa!")


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