Was #Bigfoot Really Spotted?? #Sasquatch #Yeti #Cryptid

Was #Bigfoot Really Spotted?? #Sasquatch #Yeti #Cryptid

Was a real #Sasquatch spotted??
A person running the DOT account for the eastern part of the state tweeted, "If you look closely by the tree on the left there looks to be something??
In the still image which was taken by webcam on Sherman Pass.
A dark human like #shadow #figure can be seen walking in the distance.
You can see for yourself??
The webcam is still posting photos from the spot -- a new one appears every hour.
The #mythical #creature is widely associated with the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, but it appears to be a traveler -- sightings have been reported all over the world. It even has its own festival in North Carolina.
This footage is for you to decide real or not?
So guy's do you believe in #Bigfoot?
Have you seen or heard this #cryptid before
If so please let me know! Have you had any #encounters with the big man him self?

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