ZOZO Ouija Board Demon Real Scary Encounter Story Paranormal Activity

ZOZO Ouija Board Demon Real Scary Encounter Story Paranormal Activity

Real Terrifying ZoZo Ouija Board Demon Encounter told by Darren Evans. Darren Evans is ZoZo Demon encounter survivor who dealt with paranormal activity from this demon for years. If you have contacted an entity that refers to itself as Zozo you are not alone. Hundreds of people across the world have reported contact through Ouija Boards, Pendulums and Auto Writing sessions. Please subscribe to livescifi.tv, new paranormal videos, live ghost hunts, uploaded every week, thank you for your support!

"The name has come up time and time again in my investigations." John Zaffis ( Respected field demonologist and Haunted Collector )

" This is the craziest thing I have ever heard."
Steven LaChance ( Haunted Survivor and Author)

" Zozo appears to cause psychological problems, poltergeist activity, and the ability to linger around in the physical world." Rosemary Ellen Guiley
( Paranormal Researcher and author of over 50 books including "Ouija Gone Wild.")

I am fascinated by the Zozo Phenomenon and all the stories! Robert Murch ( Ouija collector and Historian)

Darren Evans research has put the Ouija back on the map! Stephen Lancaster III ( Paranormal Investigator and Author )

My first encounter with zozo was by accident, or was it? A grizzly looking double sided ouija board was found underneath an old home near Sand Springs Oklahoma. On one side was an early 1930's William Fuld board. But was made all the more creepier by the opposite side. We referred to it as the "dark" side because it was grotesque in the manners in which it were created. Someone etched ZOZO into the board with wings similar to this image above. The double sided zozo witchboard as we named it had creative symbols etched into it's surface. It's maker had carefully spilled different colored candle wax onto the surface, making a spiderweb like plethora of sinews and trails. Burnt marks were on the corners as if someone had tried to burn it repeatedly. and after using the board we discovered immediately the rainbow shaped indention from Z to O. It was eroded and very smooth to the touch. it would slowly circle the zozo letters, and continuing in formation, spin out back to the letter Z, then to O.....sometimes with such great intensity the planchette would fly across the room.

The board would disappear for days on end. Then found back in it's usual location, in a bedroom closet covered with a purple silk cloth. The board was very heavy not only by it's considerable weight, but by it's menacing visual presence. Heavier still given the fact that this board was found underneath a house surrounded by jars of preserved blackbirds!

I remember crawling underneath the home and grabbing a few of these lightning jars. On the outside of these was a strange oily and chalky substance that was not easy to wipe off. But despite getting it all over my hands and clothes I was able to hold the jars up two the sun and see what was inside.

Fluids were at the bottom but what a strange feeling I had when I stared into the blood red eyes of a perfectly preserved corvid! Why were these birds preserved in such a manner? And why are they circling a bizarre double sided witchboard?
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