A Real Haunting | A Portal to Hell l The Haunted Bellaire House

A Real Haunting | A Portal to Hell l The Haunted Bellaire House

Portal to Hell- A "real true haunted Demonic house" Terrifying inhuman spirits-constant paranormal activity in and out of the house. Haunted House sits on a Leyline. The house sits on top of a coal mine portal where 76 men were
killed in a explosion. Behind the house is a Native American burial and their caves- they practiced magick. In front of the house is the Ohio River. The nasty inhuman spirits have been cleaned out but no matter how many cleansings or catholic rites are implemented the house is always active.
Join - Host Norene Balovich andDave Spinks, CRPI, Paranormal Investigator as they discuss this evil house and conduct a Ghost Box Session tonight.

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