Amazing GHOSTS Footage | KINECT Sensor Experiment | SLS Cam HAUNTED Home | Real PARANORMAL Activity

Heres a short clip taken from a Facebook livestream I did in my home just recently! The full video can be watched on our facebook page (link below).

After hearing bangs and taps on my stairs I take the Kinect SLS camera to see if we can capture the ghost on camera. What I ask for and then see is truly amazing! This is 100% real and was recorded LIVE and is pure intelligence from beyond the grave.

What ever spirit or ghost this is I have caught, claims to be connected to the haunted chair (see my playlists) and responds to my questions with nothing more than the greatest of spiritual and paranormal intelligence I have ever seen to date!

My home has recently become more active with paranormal activity since a recent attack on me from another investigation. Could all this have some connection to why my hallway now is the most active part of my home? Some say there is even a portal here!

Thankyou for watching!

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Watch the full live stream here:
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