Archery 101 With Lord Rick & Action Jackson - 1/12/14

Archery 101 With Lord Rick & Action Jackson - 1/12/14

Christian brought his bow we spent a good half hour shooting it however the camera battery died and all it caught was me shooting a distance arrow. I had no idea that this bow could shoot an arrow over 150' watch what happens when I go all medieval arcing the arrow across the blue sky.

Stunts done by Jarrod who thinks he is in the Matrix and in some Action Jackson movie lol. Although prior to the video there is no footage I did hit the target a couple times however Christian is the most accurate out of us all I want him on my side during the zombie apocalypse lol. He rarely misses the cardboard box even from 35' away so bravo!

This is a 25lb torque bow and yes its a great tool to have on hand. You can hunt with it or use it for protection no less if chaos were to ever take on our world this would be a highly valuable item to carry in your arsenal because the arrows could be used over and over. Plus it is very light weight and extremely easy to shoot. You can see how far I shot it did not know that I could shoot it so far that the kids almost did not find the arrow CRAZY stuff!

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