Baby Blue Game and Ritual

Baby Blue Game and Ritual

Have you ever played the Baby Blue game? Tim plays the Baby Blue Game and Ritual during this live broadcast on the night of Halloween. Will the ghost of Baby Blue be caught on tape? Tune in and Find out.

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To play the baby blue game you need a bath, enter the bathroom with the lights already turned off. Stand in front of the mirror and say the words “Blue Baby” thirteen times, over and over again. Whilst reciting these words you should rock your arms back and forth as if you were holding a baby.

It is reported that on the thirteenth chant, a baby will appear in your arms and give you a little scratch. At this point, I suggest you drop the baby and run because not long behind him is his aforementioned psychotic mother. She will scream at you from the mirror “GIVE ME BACK BY BABY” and attempt to have you meet the same fate as her little treasure.

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