Elephants Back - Part 31 "Was Bigfoot Here"

Jarrod and Andy discovered this track I was far behind them photographing nature. But when I came up on it after doing a thorough study a few things stuck out as being strange. A. The track was extremely wide and deep which most human tracks found in the area were not. B. Their were toe impressions perhaps three but still they were toes C. Their were no other tracks found like this period which means that either something was covering them up with a branch or they left the path by just crossing over it briefly. It could be an adolescent or juvenile Bigfoot and based on my study the track was very fresh which means we missed whatever made it by a matter of minutes perhaps. Below this area is a heavily forested area with a pond and allot of rocks. I wonder if something tried to make its way down there to seek shelter or perhaps remain elusive at.
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