GHOST Hunting GONE WRONG! | DEMONIC Attack | Real PARANORMAL Activity | HAUNTED Graveyard | Part 1!

GHOST Hunting GONE WRONG! | DEMONIC Attack | Real PARANORMAL Activity | HAUNTED Graveyard | Part 1!

Please please share! We believe it is important to share this video evidence with as many as possible! There are so many paranormal cases that are not spoke about due to people feeling they are too afraid to speak up in fear of been laughed at or made a fool of. Share this and share the knowledge and evidence that comes with it and that it is OK to speak about these things. People of the world, you are not on your own here! Please come forwards with your stories and lets unite together in the battle of good and evil. Part 2 of this video is coming soon and will go into things in great detail.

Join Mark and Simon as we return to the notoriously haunted back lane graveyard at Thrybergh, near Rotherham! Following on from the harrowing events that occurred here to Mark on Friday 13th where the claw like hand of the Demon Caim/Caym grabbed Mark on the way of of the cemetery, we return here tonight together, to capture evidence of the paranormal, and Mark is looking for answers from the CLAW hand that grabbed him!

An explosive paranormal investigation which ends with Mark getting violently and viciously attacked on camera by the unseen forces from hell.

There will also be a part 2 to this video, this is part 1. Part 2 will consist of a documentary style video where Mark will actually dissect the video, show even more footage from the night, photos, and dig in deeper to the events that have now scarred him for life. There will also be some familiar faces in this documentary giving there own personal view, thoughts and insights into the footage in this video! A must see!

Thankyou for watching part 1!

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