The DEMONIC Attack! | Part 2 | The HAUNTING Of Mark Smith | 100% Real PARANORMAL Activity

The DEMONIC Attack! | Part 2 | The HAUNTING Of Mark Smith | 100% Real PARANORMAL Activity

So here is part 2 of the demonic attack. This hour long episode shows you the raw unedited footage from Marks camcorder the night he was attacked by the demon. It also shows you all myths debunked and further experiments to support Marks claim of this very real attack on him from the haunted graveyard.

Furthermore, 3rd party input from outside sources giving their views and opinions on the nights events giving all aspects of the events and explanations of what could have happened.

What did happen was very real that night. 11 mins and 9 seconds of RAW footage before, during and after the attack will PROVE that Mark did not scratch himself, nor walk into a bramble bush or tree, not was it a animal or insect, my coat zipper, nothing, it proves this was truly paranormal.

It will lay myths to rest. It will free Mark of the claims this was a suicide attempt gone wrong, it will only strengthen the case even more so that it already was.

There is so many things to take into consideration with that nights events and this video will put all the crys of fake to bed. It is ok however to not believe in the paranormal. Its not ok to torture yourself however from the truth. This video is 100% proof of the demonic attack on Mark and the RAW footage proves it. The camera does not lie, and nor do we.

Answers to questions regarding the ''blood'' on my glove will be exposed here aswell as why the scratches appear to move from my right cheek to my left. Among many other alleged claims of fraud without no fact or proof. This video will further show you all the truth as it already was, just in great detail.

There will also be a part 3 follow up to this which I am really excited to announce and that will be aired in good time.

Thankyou all for you support in the making of the video and for your constant prayers and love from this harrowing nights events. I am truly blessed. Thankyou.

Very special thanks to Lee Steer from Project Reveal and Andrew from Proving Demons for taking part ion the show. Your views are very interesting and respected. Thankyou to Simon Milnes for giving a written statement too. Bless you all.

May the love of God be with us.

Thankyou for watching!

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I will try to answer the many hundreds of questions this video will bring me. Just leave them in the comments!

Until next time, please dont have nightmares.

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