Ghosts of Lewiston: Neva's Retirement Home Paranormal Investigation 2013

Here is the finished render of a paranormal investigation I had a chance of doing in Lewiston, Idaho at the end of August 2013. I did this investigation with 6 other investigators from 4 different paranormal investigation groups from around the area.
In this documentary, you get to see a full paranormal investigation take place and the evidence reviewed as it is recorded. There are even paranormal tips throughout the show so you can use them on your own investigations.
During the intro to the documentary, I keep talking about "downtown" Lewiston and then I do an investigation at a location way out in the Orchards. This is because I filmed the intro portions in June 2013 (as well as in June 2012) because I thought I would be investigating a location in the downtown area. Somethings popped up that kept me from filming the documentary in June 2013. When I went back to Lewiston in August 2013 (to film video for the Hot August Nights), I was able to have enough free time to meet up with the other investigators to do the investigation.
I put this documentary together as a project to help me with my editing (that and it was fun to do too). Being that I want to get into post-production and After Effects, I figured good practice would be putting a documentary together from writing, shooting, and editing it.
If you want to see what evidence we have found from this investigation, please check my channel here and look for the "Neva's Retirement Home Paranormal Evidence Review- EVPs" video. I left few pieces of evidence out (like the animal noise from the upstairs room) just to keep time down. The documentary is 55 minutes in length. I was wanting to keep it around 45 minutes (broadcast length time) but had too much stuff to put in it. At least I kept it under an hour.
In the ending credits, I list Becki Martin as a Camera Operator. Her name should be Becki Marks! My bad... :(

Programs used:
Adobe PhotoShop CS6
Adobe Premiere CS6
Adobe After Effects CS6

Royalty free music used from: Songs used:
"Horror 01"- Stinger
"Engulfing Shadows"
"Derelict Ship"
Music used by permission:
"Slower Times" by Shy Guys Vs. Nurses
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