Gold Bug Mining Park aka Hangtown - Part 1 "A Brief Gold Rush Introduction"

When gold was discovered in Coloma in 1848 many prospectors followed small creeks and rivers in the region looking to strike it rich. Many camps rose up a short time after Placerville aka Hangtown was one of those boom towns actually it was the second lucky strike in the area. In one week miners pulled out of 17k in gold from the creek thus it was called dry diggins and after some lawless robbers came into town guns blazing they were lynched thus the name Hangtown was born. Some of you may have known Hangtown in today's times to be called Placerville during the 1800's it was the third largest town in California. But also the placer gold mining led to hard rock mining thus giving birth to new mines such as the Priest, Meagher, Silver Pine and Gold Bug Mines. Most of the mines eventually were tapped out other ones continued to be operated such as the Gold Bug which ill take you in on this brief tour. You will also get to enter the old Hendy Mill yeah it was rebuilt and restored but you will get to see a small miniature model of how the stamps worked in order to brush the gold ore. Today the original mining camp site is a park that boast mines, mill, relics of the past, nature and much more all found within Big Canyon near downtown Placerville. Were going to take you to various locations within the canyon to give our viewers a intro to the area it wont be our last at this important gold rush historic site!
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