NOW DEBATE - Can Psychic Readings be a Bad thing?

NOW DEBATE - Can Psychic Readings be a Bad thing?

In this video Jared Walters and Richard Oliver who have now joined forces on another project with Neil McCullough, Allie Martins and Kerie Doyle to form Worlds Awakening Radio discuss the dangers of psychic readings in this inaugural Now Debate Special initially Broadcast on

So are Psychic Readings useless, or useful? Can psychic readings become an addictive, can readers really tell the future, what is known as precognition or psychic predictions, how often should you
get a psychic reading, and how seriously should you take it.

Do psychics like Sally Morgan, James Van Prague, Derek Acorah and Gordon Smith really do a genuine job, and is there a difference with the services offered by such hotlines as Psychic Sofa, Psychic Living, etc.

So what is it that makes these things so appealing and even celebrities such as Chris Martin from Coldplay, Brad Pit or Cameron Diaz have been known to have used Psychics

Jared Richard Neil and Allie discuss in this special Now Debate
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