Paranormal Investigation of The Hinsdale House

Paranormal Investigation of The Hinsdale House

Whether you call it The Hinsdale House, or The Dandy House, one thing is for certain….this old small farm home has an unusual amount of paranormal activity present. Experienced paranormal investigators, hobbyists, psychic mediums, and general eye witnesses have reported an array of extreme activity including shadow figures, apparitions, physical altercations, nightmares, and other forms of strange spirit interaction. One of the strong presences said to reside in the home is a shadow figure known only by the name “Wilhelm”. Many believe that this intimidating entity has been seen and documented by investigators and psychic mediums on multiple occasions. In this documentary and investigation, friends of EctoVision share their incredible findings and personal experiences that they believe may have came as a direct result of their interaction with this spirit.

Although this has not been confirmed, there have also been rumors that there may have been Native American ties to the land prior to the current home’s construction which foundations date back to the mid (circa) 1850’s. In the 1970’s it’s said that the house itself had an exorcism by a priest due to the extreme malevolent activity that was affecting a family with small children. Many of the specific details are unknown about their horrifying experiences as it’s said that the family will no longer comment about what had taken place during their time spent in this home. Taking into consideration what this family has been through, the paranormal community has kindly respected their wishes and their privacy by no longer reaching out to them regarding these traumatizing events with questions.

This video features interviews with psychic medium Amy Perry Lane of Para Expeditions, Denise Marie and Chas Saia of Paranormal Crossroads LIVE, Jackie Sciandra (granddaughter of former owner), Timothy Morsch and Cat Opich of Wayland Paranormal Spiritualism Society, and current owner, author, and paranormal investigator Daniel Klaes.

Please join Eric, Shawn, Amber, Tom, Bobby, Chris and Marcus as they investigate the house that is said to be one of the most haunted places in all of The United States.

Shadow figure video provided by Timothy Morsch of Wayland Paranormal Spiritualism Society

Shadow figure image courtesy of Chas Saia of Paranormal Crossroads LIVE
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