REAL Sleep Paralysis, Scary Dreams, Night Terrors, Dark Shadows, Paranormal ACTIVITY Explained!

REAL Sleep Paralysis, Scary Dreams, Night Terrors, Dark Shadows, Paranormal ACTIVITY Explained!

REAL Sleep Paralysis, Night Terrors, Scary Dreams, Dark Shadow Figures and Paranormal ACTIVITY Explained by Ryan Hurd during this truly disturbing yet terrifying interview. Discussed are the top 10 Nightmares and explained why they happen. Can Dreams and Nightmares actually become a reality, what is sleep paralysis, old hag syndrome, and the popular meanings behind common dreams with and guest Ryan Hurd.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street is a 1984 American slasher film written and directed by Wes Craven, and the first film of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. The film stars Heather Langenkamp, John Saxon, Ronee Blakley, Amanda Wyss, Jsu Garcia, Robert Englund, and Johnny Depp in his feature film debut. Set in the fictional Midwestern town of Springwood, Ohio, the plot revolves around several teenagers who are stalked and killed in their dreams by Freddy Krueger. The teenagers are unaware of the cause of this strange phenomenon, but their parents hold a dark secret from long ago.

Craven produced A Nightmare on Elm Street on an estimated budget of just $1.8 million,a sum the film earned back during its first week. An instant commercial success, the film's total United States box office gross is $25.5 million. A Nightmare on Elm Street was met with rave critical reviews and went on to make a very significant impact on the horror genre, spawning a franchise consisting of a line of sequels, a television series, a crossover with Friday the 13th, beyond various other works of imitation, a remake of the same name was released in 2010.

Ryan Hurd Bio -

Ryan is a dream educator living in Pennsylvania. He is the author of "Sleep Paralysis: A Dreamer's Guide," and the editor of the consciousness portal

Ryan's approach to dreamwork has been cited in and the Huffington Post. Ryan has an MA in Consciousness Studies and a Certificate in Dream Studies from John F. Kennedy University. His recent dream research focuses on lucid dreaming, sacred sites, the anthropology of dreaming, and sleep paralysis.
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