SCARY AS HELL HAUNTED HOUSE GHOST Caught on Tape At Welles House Ep 1

SCARY AS HELL HAUNTED HOUSE GHOST Caught on Tape At Welles House Ep 1

GHOST Caught on Tape! SCARY AS HELL HAUNTED HOUSE! At THE Welles House, Real Ghost Haunting Ep 1. This will be a LIVE 48 Hour Ghost Hunt from one of the most haunted places in America, the Welles House in PA. What will the paranormal team capture on tape during the LIVE paranormal event? Tune in and find out! The Welles House is believed to be haunted by both a demonic presence, and by numerous adult and ghostly manifestations. Some of the types of paranormal activity that have been documented in the past are.

- Unexplained bangs, and scurrying noises from one end of the house to the other.

- Unexplained illnesses and depression.

- Nightly visits from a well-dressed phantom man and the appearance of a ghost of a young girl who walks through doors.

- Shrieks, moans, and crying that seemed to be coming from the attic and within the house's walls.

- Bloody spots appearing on walls and floors in the living room.

- A daughter being pushed down the stairs only to mysteriously float to the bottom of the landing on her feet unhurt.

- Unexplained scratches, in groups of threes, would appear on the resident's bodies.

- Sounds of boots tramping up and down the floors and in the walls of the house when there was no one on the stairs.

- The discovery of little tin box behind one of the chimney bricks in the basement, which contained human molars wrapped with chicken bones placed in the shape of a cross.

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