Serial Killer Series Episode 2: Case Study of Ted Bundy/Born Evil or made Evil? Or something Else?

Serial Killer Series Episode 2: Case Study of Ted Bundy/Born Evil or made Evil? Or something Else?

During my last show about Charles Manson/Born Evil or Made Evil as well as going over the stages of Possession and how that can affect a person in a very negative way. Many enjoyed the topic and rather than try to cover all of the serial killers in question, we decided to make it a weekly series covering some High Profile cases.

Those in chat gave a list of cases they would like to discuss. I want to incorporate both speaking about the Criminal in question, but also then after a 1 hour discussion about the crime/crimes, I will then see what evidence we can get via Spirit Box, EVP DR-60 ( YES THAT ONE!) (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recording, Possible other Paranormal Devices that might be used include Ovilus V, SLS , (Structured Light Sensor Camera)

Before each Conversations begins I will pull a grouping of Tarot Cards to gauge what kind of evening/evidence/etc we might have as well as a charm casting. l

I will also be showing you a different protective Crystal Grid that you can do at home for protection depending on what might be going on in your own life.

I am combining Technology, Information, Bad ass Paranormal Equipment and Crystals and Cards to incorporate different aspects of what I do with in my Paranormal Field.

I have Multiple things I have studied and used over the last many decades, now I want to share with you how to get your own corroborating evidence to try to be able to either show we can have direct communication or communication with "Technicians", Helpers if you will (Will explain more for those that do not know what I am talking about at the show) that gets positive responses w/equipment and technique that incorporate audible, and visual responses that can not be denied that we ARE getting something.

What that is is up to the viewer to decide. There are no experts in this field, and I would not consider myself one either, but-- I do have extensive experience with in my study of the Paranormal.

I am not just a "Ghost Box Girl" I am an investigator who uses the most high tech equipment in the field today. I am a Tech Girl, one that knows how to use all of the equipment at my dispense, which is a lot, and wish to guide you on your own journey into the paranormal.
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