The Cursed Statue

The Cursed Statue

This statue was not only found in a mysterious location, and the mystery doesn't stop there... Who made this carving? What was it used for? What has attached itself to it now? Tonight we learn about a powerful haunted object that's now traveling the country on a look-but-don't-touch restriction's for your own good!

Also, I use the words house and apartment interchangeably because I do that in real life with when referring to my house/apartment. I apologize for any confusion.

Want to read for yourself about the statue?! Here's the original Reddit thread:

Here's the update thread on it posted by Greg Newkirk:

And here's Greg and Dana's site WeekInWeird where they detail the Crone of the Catskills Statue:

Check out for all of the cool and creepy goodness they have to share!!!
For more spooky goodness, check out these videos!

Phantom Water Drops:

Pizza OUIJA!

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