Violent PARANORMAL footage caught on tape!! Scary REAL GHOST Videos

Violent PARANORMAL footage caught on tape!! Scary REAL GHOST Videos

One of the Scariest Real Paranormal activity videos ever caught on tape during this GHOST Hunt at one of the Most Haunted house in England. Scary Poltergeist activity caught on tape. A must watch for any paranormal fan.

For episode 45 we investigated a private residence in Dorchester. We was contacted by a man who we've not got permission to name. The man contacted us by email which we received about two months ago. In the email the family have been experiencing paranormal activity. The entity or entities has not been harming the family, but the email describes poltergeist activity and how frightened the family have become by lights switching on and off and doors opening and shutting. The only problem was we was not allowed to record any footage in the lounge due to portraits on the wall etc that they didn't want to be shown publicity, which we gladly accepted as we always respect the wishes of the people we investigate for.

If you're the family reading this we just want to say Thank You for your great hospitality and trust. The family allowed us to investigate in a professional manner whilst they slept at a nearby hotel.

What does Paranormal actually mean?
Popularly used to mean anything supernatural, credible Paranormal Investigators use the word in its literal sense to describe any experience or artifact of evidence that cannot be explained through normal means. The word, however, does not automatically signify evidence of the supernatural such as a haunting or a Demonic Possession. Rather, it is used to suggest that, based upon the limitations of investigators' knowledge, the Paranormal Evidence cannot be rationally explained.

Beware it is a very scary Real Ghost Video and what you're going to watch is a real Ghost Hunt by Real Ghost Hunters. Nothing on this video is fake and it's not created for entertainment purposes.

During our times Ghost Investigating, we have caught a lot of Paranormal Activity and Demon Activity.
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Dorset Ghost Investigators
Glen and Ahmed.

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We are two Real Ghost Hunters are named Glen and Ahmed. We have been investigating the Most Haunted and Scariest locations around the UK for 11 years now and caught some of the best Paranormal Activity on Youtube, we have caught Scary Demon Poltergeist Activity on Tape. We have even caught Real Ghosts moving on video. We have had moments, where Demons attacks have happened to us during Scary Ouija board sessions, we have also suffered Demonic Possessions. What we have caught will shock the Paranormal Believers and the Skeptics too.
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