Wadsworth Historic Cemetery Part 1 "A Tour Into This Paiute Burial Ground"

Just across from the Wadsworth Fraternal Cemetery is a very important piece of the towns history which is this historical Paiute graveyard. Most of the markers are crosses many of them are broke while this cemetery throughout is fairly woodsy. The Wadsworth family is buried here and founders of the town. Wadsworth was a Railroad Center and Rest stop for those traveling up into the California Sierras or high desert of Northern NV. It served as the last stop for steam engines to gather fuel and water before making its run. Eventually the towns railroad was no longer needed as fires struck the town and other tragedies. Today the town is one of the most poverty stricken in the state of NV as it borders the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation! Check us out at www.paranormalghostsociety.org Just like any town in the wild west Wadsworth had saloons, brothels, stores, churches and even gambling halls. Today not much remains of the town but this cemetery is a reminder of what once was!
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