Creepy Witch Spirits pursue Paranormal Investigators in Scary Haunted South Wales Forest.

The forest near castle Coch in South Wales has always been one of intrigue, due to local legends of witchcraft for both good and ill, and has always proved a hotbed of Paranormal activity, whenever the team has visited the area. Dave one of our affiliate members showed me on camera some of the places to look out for, and being as other members of our team had their own unique experiences this was an opportunity we could not pass up. To see what we could find.
We now know this is the first ever message we received from the Council of 12, via a spirit box as we can go back no further, being as this is the first one we have ever done, and the predictions that they have given here are 100% accurate. It did indeed take years for me to understand how they work, for us to grow as a team, and for us to understand how these messages are delivered. It was clear to Richard though – that someone else wanted to speak, a young man, who had tried to warn him not to proceed any further so we conducted a second session to give him the chance to speak, he offered no information about himself but the warning he gave, was chilling.
We were all feeling trepidations and shortly after knocking off the cameras, Richard at the time unaware of what the ghost box had said, was becoming more preoccupied with the haunting sounds of women chanting. Shortly after turning off the cameras, One of our investigators was attacked in the eye, thankfully he was not badly injured but it was enough to make us think twice about visiting the place again.
It would be another three years before we conducted another investigation there. This time more experienced, more protected and in greater numbers, we traversed the area, conducting several experiments to see what evidence we could find.
The women that approached us during our first visit were keeping their distance, and I do believe we were being guided. This time by the spirit of a young man who gave the name of Redge. We believe he was the same spirit that tried to warn us back in 2013.
We conducted a final portal session but the results were inconclusive. Though this forest offered much when it come to activity, it offered little in explanation of why such activity was occurring.
I am Jared from Paranormal Now, and what do you think? Let us know in the comments section below and thank you for joining us on another Now Investigation.
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