Haunted Beginnings info trailer Phenomena Project (Rev 2)

Haunted Beginnings info trailer Phenomena Project (Rev 2)

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Phenomena Project www.phenomenaproject.tv is gaining significant interest throughout it's progression into many areas of the unexplained. A new approach fresh ideas, new concepts and unique experiments.

Don Philip's has allowed another Parapsychologist to join the series to examine both him, his claims and any other captured phenomena. He now has two parapsychologists monitoring all aspects of each episode which is quite unprecedented.

Dr. Robert Young a qualified Parapsychologist and Meta physicist will be joining Phenomena Project in the new year to assist Parapsychologist Steve Mera in observing, collating, recording and scrutinizing all evidence placing Don Philip's ever more under the spotlight.

Further more Steve and Rob will be joined by additional seasoned field investigators of The Scientific Establishment Of Parapsychology. There's also some very well respected reserchers becoming invlovled during 2016.

Steve Mera
"The evidence supplied by Don Philip's along with other phenomena captured on locations is mind boggling. It's not just the evidence attained, it's the consistency and frequency by which Don seems to be able to supply it. I believe Don to be a catalyst. When pushed he reveals only certain information. "Something quite remarkable is taking place between Don and his alledged spirits but I'm still scratching my head. We do remain objective but admittedly it's not always easy when working with Don especially when your witness to vocals coming from the air above you and without the use of recording equipment. It's very quite profound"

Initially planned for five episodes we now see the series extending much further as see Phenomena Project travelling internationally.

Here we present an extended info trailer of mixed footage from Phenomena Project alongside archive footage of some of Don's encounters and the reactions of those alongside him.

Don & Steve will be travelling to the United States in a few days time, to embark upon their latest adventure, they will also travel on to France and Rommainia Germany. A trip to Eygpt is also on the cards later in the year, Scotland and other locations are yet to be confirmed.

I'm Julia, based in the USA. You will be hearing more about me,from me very soon.

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