MURDER IN THE RED BARN A para documentary

MURDER IN THE RED BARN A para documentary

Here is my para-documentary (a re-release) on a very high profile case in late Regency England whereby a daughter of a local mole catcher in Polstead, Suffolk (Maria Marten) has an affair with a young squire with devastating results. Her lover, William Corder murders her and buries her body inside the Red Barn, and moves to London to later marry an affluent woman.

Maria`s body is discovered following alleged psychic dreams by her step-mother, and Corder is arrested, found guilty, and executed. What follows is even more interesting as his body is dissected, and his skin used to bind a book of the crime. His skeleton was given to West Suffolk hospital, to be used for anatomical training for nurses and doctors.

Even weirder was that his skull was removed years later from his skeleton, and Corder`s ghost appeared at the thief's home to demand its return!

I am especially indebted to the author and historical criminologist, Stewart Evans who acted as a consultant on the documentary and assisted further by appearing in this programme and even sharing with me archive material that appears throughout.

I am also grateful to Alex McWhirter of Moyse`s Hall Museum, Bury St Edmunds for allowing access to exhibits from the Corder trial and also appearing on screen to talk about them.

One of the most fascinating accounts I have come across for a long time and related to camera for your interest and enjoyment.

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