HAUNTED DOLL Series 13 KRISTEN LIVE ACTIVITY GB RIFT, ITC, EMF Doll is available for adoption

HAUNTED DOLL Series 13 KRISTEN LIVE ACTIVITY GB RIFT, ITC, EMF Doll is available for adoption

Meet Kristen, she is one of my Haunted Dolls. This doll is porcelain with a soft body so she is snuggly.. Her vessel is 33 years old and is highly collectible as well.. Limited number made, and she comes with her sleep basket, pillow and lace dress and bonnet.

Her eyes will move on their own. Although they move left to right when you move her position, they move on their own with out touching her. I have witnessed this in person, while not touching her, I have seen her eyes move on remote night vision camera.

In this video you will meet my daughter, who is an Empath like me and she talks about this Spirited dolls Aura energy she sees. She sets off our EMF meter on command, and I do a Ghost Box Session with her as well..

Kristen died in her sleep as an infant.. interesting is that when I asked the ghost box about it, I say how did you pass and it says in sleep, died. But... later in the ghost box it says murder..

She is a very unique and strong spirit. I only allow a certain amount of my personal collection to be adopted out each year. They are all documented, and histories available to the person who adopts her.

I am a paranormal investigator and I am a psychic/empath and Medium and I confirm all objects and dolls that I collect personally. I do not rely on others to tell me if a doll is haunted like many other fake sellers do. I can touch and see an object and this is called the gift of psychometry, the ability to tell the history of something by using my psychic skills that I have possessed since I was 7 years old.

You can read more about me and what I do on my website at http://www.southernangelsparanormal.net

All of my things are studied with varied tools of my profession. I keep detailed history sheets with every haunted object or doll that I study. I can tell you their entire history with me as well. This baby has been a part of my personal collection for over 6 years now and she would make anyone a great first haunted/spirited doll or an experienced collector as well.

Haunted dolls are very good trigger objects if you are into using ghost box, GB1, GBRIFT, Echo Vox, or other ghost boxes.

You never have to leave your house to do a paranormal investigation, you can do research with this doll daily.

She comes with a Spell Box/Intention Box which is a beautiful iron lantern with stained glass windows and Candle, A piece of fine heavy parchment paper that I use for spell work. A candle, 1 crystal pendulum, a sage bundle, a bag of blessed pink himalayan seat salt, customized intention welcoming prayer that you will write and then burn in your intention box to invite your new spirited doll into your home and done in the proper way. And baby blanket that she will be wrapped up in.

I will speak with you live on Skype to tell you and show you your doll and you can ask me any questions about her that you wish. I will do a live ghost box for you on Skype, I will do pendulum, I will show you her ability to set off our meters live and I will show you and go over her study sheet.

This is a very unique and special process that I take very seriously. If you wish to adopt Kristen you will likely feel a strong pull to her when you watch her video. She is ready to move onto a special home and I know she will speak to someone.

She is a happy and pleasant spirit and she will make you feel warm and safe. She will dream communicate and she will become a spirit you love having around you.

Ghost box said this at these time stops 12:42 I ask how did you pass and you hear " Kristen ( HER NAME) then, immediately after you hear, " I died" then 13:24 there about I hear a baby cry, when i asked can you tell me anything significant about why you died in your sleep. 14:00 I had asked can you give me the name of your parents and it says " Of course" " Brenda" then 15:13 I ask if she is stuck here because she wants to be and it says " Murder"
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