Meadow Lake - Part 8 "French Lake A Rugged Adventure"

French Lake is a daunting task to get to overshadowed by English Peak, Rugged Cliffs and overgrown forest. It was named after the French whom came to the area in the later 1800's in hopes of buying out all the claims in Meadow Lake and revitalizing mining. Henry Hartley was ecstatic when the investors were ready to buy his Excelsior Mill and Mine. We would start our journey at the top of the basin eventually finding a hidden pond where I recorded some tracks. Although some are bare other ones especially the very large one we found is very strange. The rangers tried to tell us there are no bear in this area I beg to differ. More Bigfoot sightings and tracks been found in this national forest then almost anywhere in the country. No matter we would press on where we pushed through the overgrowth then climbed down off the cliffs right down to the bottom of the lakes primitive shoreline. This is a very remote lake full of little islands, pristine waters and a nice beach you can drink a brew on like I was doing when I filmed this.
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