Loon Lake Devils Peak - Part 3 "A Strange Primitive Adventure Along Ancient Lake Bisbee"

In the mid 1800's when ranchers first came to the area they called what is now known today as Loon Lake by the names of Lake Bisbee, Horseshoe, Bigsby, Pleasant and Bixley Lakes. When other reservoirs were built in the region this lake was expanded and two dams were built in the 1960's. Our journey would take us along the primitive shoreline where we captured an odd vocalization and smelled a fowl odor. We also filmed a strange phenomena in the clouds of a chemtrail that looks like a spinal cord as it enters a cloud and disappears with no object present. Most of our journey would take us along the primitive shoreline of old Lake Bisbee which views of Guide and Devils Peak off in distance. We would also push through the cool waters which would eventually put us right onto the Rubicon Trail north of the lake. We were on our way to journeying to the summit of Devils Peak! What did we witness on this blazing summer day and what would we find on our quest for the truth?

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