Burnside Lake - Part 46 "Goodbye To Paradise"

I felt that the paradise I shared would soon be gone when you honestly think about it I had gotten to spend my time living the dream. I fished under a pink sky, rock climbed atop a volcanic dome, had a bigfoot sighting, drank brews and even went swinging in the trees. I stood on cliffs with 150 mile views and paranormal experiences. This place left me wanting more not just seeing but experiencing. Drinking brews, toking on the lake, fishing in my chair with a nice fire going and sitting in a hammock reading about aliens in Nevada. There was good eats, games and we put together our own journey. Saying goodbye to this place is hard just like most of the remote locations I hike or camp at. They become second homes I felt like I was losing mine. But I look back and think about all the strange experiences at Burnside and finds having more questions then I do answers.
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