Burnside Lake - Part 37 "Treebangers Paradise"

We were randomly hiking in the foothills below Hawkins Peak heading north but below the peak when Jarrod found this rock laying on a giant granite boulder. This rock is very similar to the one I found laying on a stump up in Kings Canyon. This rock had quartz crystal on the bottom and obviously looked like something beat it. The pattern is very similar to the finds in Kings Canyon perhaps these Bigfoot like creatures are able use this rock as a form of communication by repetitively hitting a tree known as tree banging or another rock. If you know anything about primates they exhibit this kind of behavior however with Bigfoot it may used as some warning system when humans are near or some other reason. It was strange to just see the rock there and many pieces of it had broken off resting on the boulder suggesting that something or someone applied force at one time on this very rock. For a primate this would be a tree bangers paradise!
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