Empire City - Part 2 "Morgan Mill & The Red House"

Also called the Yellow Jacket Mill today not much remains but a few ruins scattered along the Carson River. While further up the trail is the Empire Ranch Golf Course Today remnants of the Mexican Mill are non existent where the Red House and Golf course stand. The canals and ponds still remain but are now being used by a variety of bird life thus what once was left of the town is barely non existent. The Mexican Mill was the first steam powered stamp mill in this region imagine being the superintendent of the mill and living in this home knowing that it was just a few steps away from the very mill you operated. This view has not changed in thousands of years the early settlers would have seen the mountains the way your seeing them. The Morgan Mill is at the mouth of the Carson River Canyon. At one time mills like these employed many of the men who lived in Empire more or less they looked like factories sometimes with smoke stacks or even paddle wheels. One from town would easily see the steam that came from these mills even all the way from Carson City although back in the day between towns it was very rural and today the trees along with these two sites are remnants of old Empire City Nevada!
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