Empire City - Part 11 "Tribute To The Historic Red House"

Evening is setting on in as the sun is going behind the sierras our journey has come to an end where we would stop at the Red House. I would pay my tribute to this Victorian piece of history with this clip and some history regarding old Empire City. Honestly it brings me joy to stand in front of the Red House knowing that something remains of old town but saddens me to know this is all that remains besides the mills which are fading back into the wilderness! One can see the pictures of the home from afar in the gallery at the very end of this clip which includes a stunning photo of a UFO hovering over the mansion over the mountains. I cannot say for certain it is alien but no less I like to anything in our skies that may not belong. Empire City was a large boom town full of saw mills, ore processing factories and a fairly large town. It had a school, large homes, stories, dance hall, saloons, hotels and many mills. Today many news sub divisions and housing were built over the original town site not much remains! My son has been inside the home he says it has a giant grand fireplace and although he is not big on history he took an interest of this home. Homes like these hardly exist anymore especially when it belonged to the Superintendent who ran one of first steam powered mills for hundreds of miles which makes this area very historic today!
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