Burnside Lake - Part 15 "Scenic Sites Of Interest"

I have to say being on top of Burnside Summit is rather amazing as you can kind scope out the lay of the land from up here. There are great views of the Mokelumne Wilderness, Grove Hot Springs area, Toiyabe National Forest, Hawkins Peak and alas the primitive area which lays just behind the summit behind us. I believe this location gives you some of the best views of the summit. We would stop here to have a picnic and was astonished at how well worthwhile it was to climb to the of here. This would set the entire tone of the expedition This truly is the heart of Bigfoot country I have to look at some of my experiences in the region and to think what lay ahead of me is another 200 miles of mountains, You can clearly see where glaciers shaped out the canyons and where major volcanic activity once occurred including the almighty Mount Raymond which was one of our greatest expeditions to date.
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