Burnside Lake - Part 47 "Uncle Buck and The Long Scenic Road Out"

This is a special clip of a good portion of the beautiful drive leaving Burnside Lake which is very remote. Portions of the ride have beautiful granite rocks surrounded by tall trees while to the left is the mountains of the mighty Carson Pass a heartbeat within the sierras. There is also some pillow humor in the video I swear next time I go camping I am bringing a carrier for my jeep. We have so much food, gear, supplies, dogs, kids, fishing gear etc.The road from the lake basin to the pass is around 7 miles which can be treacherous in the winter so please remember that area deems respect all the way from the peaks with the sheer cliffs to the dense forest. Towards the end of the video I give everyone one last really gorgeous view and really to thank all of you for your support.
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