Burnside Lake - Part 27 "Primitive As Lord Of The Flies"

Adventuring off the dome made me realize we were in an area where volcanic vents were common. Throughout the woods were slabs of rocks as long as 75' in length with many scattered granite boulders brought here by the last ice age. The bowl like basin is very remote between the upper ridge and shoreline. The dome sits about half way up to the ridge where a canyon awaits on the other side. Really when your coming down off the dome the rest of the descent is full of places that are not often seen by man its real Lord Of The Flies type of stuff. Technically a tribe could live back here living off the land, battling, hunting etc and who would know it? Between the dome you virtually can go to the South or West vanishing without a trace. Phase two however of this expedition would involve working our way off the dome and scouring the southern shoreline through the brush to the marshland for tracks of the strange kind.
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