Burnside Lake - Part 8 "From Pyramid Rock To Old Primitive Mining Roads"

I call this pyramid rock its just a nickname as its relevant to remember certain landmarks because we were heading into the bush which meant no trails. I had passed a group of stoners a bunch of cool guys playing football and sports. I had a nice conversation with them before reading the southern end of the lake which really goes off to a hidden meadow surrounded by a vast expanse of wilderness. There are some old mining, wagon and forestry roads above the basin beyond the lake. Most are overgrown with evergreen trees however past just those is a dense dark forest full of rock formations, large trees, foliage and it gets really primitive quick. If you are not an expert outdoorsman you can get lost. As you can see we also found this sports Jersey laying on a rock. This would be the start of all the oddities we encountered on expedition two.
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