Burnside Lake - Part 43 "Stalked Its The Story Of My Life"

I took Tammy to the South end of the lake where Burnside Creek dumps into the lake. Problem is the due to a mild winter even drought the creek is not flowing and there are no waterfalls. I had heard some vocalizations in this area its a very shady area of the basin with a meadow just a little ways behind it. That meadow is where I seen something bipedal move between two trees and along it was the strange encampment I found. Overall its just one of those small areas you always feel watched although sometimes a small critter like a chipmunk can also wreak havok by knocking branches or even pine cones down. But prior to filming this something very heavy footed started coming through the woods snapping branches coming towards me. I figured it to be maybe a bear who knows a mountain lion at best stalking me. I even went to go check it out seen nothing turned on my cam and kept it rolling as I really expected to see something show itself. The south end of the lake is a gateway into a very massive wilderness area that goes up in the higher sierras all the way down to deep massive canyons. Anything can be out here UFO's Unknown species of animals or even Bigfoot all the way to considering the existence of a wild man. The natives referred to such creatures as being tribal and maybe they are territorial for self preservation purposes since man is encroaching upon locations like these.
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