Burnside Lake - Part 44 "One Wiener Roast I Am Glad To Attend LOL"

To finish off lunch on the lake while slowly packing up I had a Wiener roast on skewers. The kids seemed to enjoy cooking over a fire. With some macaroni salad and some family time it was a lunch worthy of attending. Just remember that after we used the fire pit we dowsed it with lake water and sand. If you take your kids camping this is one of the most simple meals made easy. The kids get to do something creative while you can sit back and relax. The food we ate on our trip was amazing we had chicken breast and marinated pork steaks. Eating well is relevant for our expeditions especially if you are rock climbing, crawling, climbing and hiking. We need protein and strength for our journeys especially when you pack in as many activities, climbs, hikes and explorations in three days total.
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